Die HolstenTherme in Kaltenkirchen

Die Karibik des Nordens

English - So fühlt sich Urlaub an! 32 Grad, warmes Wasser, träumen unter Palmen und 1000m² Wasserfläche! Eine wunderbare Welt des Wohlfühlens, der Entspannung wie auch Wellness und Fitness bei jedem Wetter wartet auf Sie! Bringen Sie Körper, Geist und Seele im ErlebnisBad, in der SaunenWelt, im Warmwasser Freibad oder im FitnessStudio in Einklang. Lassen Sie sich auf einer Weltreise des Saunierens durch wohlriechende Aufgüsse in thematisierten Saunen verzaubern und bei Massagen verwöhnen. Im SoleRelaxpool mit 6% Solegehalt können Sie sich bei 33 Grad unter freiem Himmel schwerelos treiben lassen. Kinder finden ihr Glück auf der 92 Meter langen Riesenrutsche, bei Kindergeburtstagen und Animations- Veranstaltungen. Jung und Alt können neben Anfängerschwimmen, Wassergymnastik und weiteren Kursen auch ganze Wellnesstage erleben. Die mitten in Schleswig-Holstein gelegene, mehrfach ausgezeichnete HolstenTherme in Kaltenkirchen ist mit dem Auto (A7 Ausfahrt Kaltenkirchen) nur 20 Minuten von Hamburg entfernt oder mit dem HVV (AKN Haltestelle HolstenTherme) zu erreichen.
Sweet dreams and loads of fun
in HolstenTherme WaterPark

Sweet dreams under palms, swimming in 32° water and even a little sunbathing – why not enjoy a “brief break in the Caribbean” or just relax in the various attractions of our SaunaWorld! Treat body, soul and mind to the exotic ambience  and enjoy a relaxing massage or wellness treatment. Experience a new inner balance and harmony at HolstenTherme in Kaltenkirchen, the waterpark experience in Northern Germany.

Tall palms, flowering orchids, blue lagoons and stylish bamboo decorations – you’d almost think you’re enjoying a “brief break in the Caribbean” at the WaterPark. You can splash around in the pool landscape with its numerous aquatic attractions, slide down the 92-metre water chute with its electronic time clock, whirl you way through the wild water channel, while away the time in the whirlpool or enjoy the sun outside – there’s always a place to sit in the Caribbean palm garden with lots of real palm trees, in a beach chair or under a straw sunshade in the spacious outdoor area. The little ones will be splashing around to their heart’s content in the new Kiddies’ Caribbean or the baby pool while the 25-metre pool attracts the more athletic swimmers.

If you’re feeling hungry after all that exercise, just head for the Beach Bistro overlooking the pool landscape. Want to put together your own salad dish from the numerous ingredients at the Buffet Bar or eat a warm snack followed by an ice-cream? No problem. The Bistro has something to suit every taste and a wide variety of drinks to round off the menu.

Happy birthday? Why not celebrate your child’s birthday party at the HolstenTherme! The birthday girl or boy gets in free and can look forward to a great party with everybody staying as long as they want. No stress – and lots of fun for everybody in and out of the water! Specially reduced prices for birthday guests ensure you don’t have to pay the earth for your party, either. And if you want to save even more, we knock off another 10% on weekdays outside school holidays. You won’t ever have experienced a birthday like this!

If relaxation is what you want, there’s no better place than the SaunaWorld with its emotional ambience of warm colours, tempting fragrances, stylish furnishings and sauna temperatures between 45° and 110°. The sauna concept is in every respect experience-oriented with an almost ritual-like character. The interior was recently redesigned to look like an Oriental bazaar – almost like a fairytale from 1,001 Nights. The Salt Mine Sauna with beams over a century old is another highlight – and salt is said to have medicinal properties. So what could be nicer than salty water sprinkled onto a sauna stove? Another top attraction is the Fang Song Meditation Sauna – quite literally an all-round relaxation experience because this Asian-style sauna has no corners. The fragrances of specially selected herbs evaporate from a copper bowl above an altar-style stove. Breathe in the relaxing atmosphere and switch off to the sound of quiet meditation music. Maybe a fantasy trip to the South Seas is more to your liking. The highly popular Pengalaman South Sea Sauna offers refreshing ice cubes and fruit between sprinklings of aromatic water on the stove! The Turkish-style steam bath with a “star-lit sky”, relaxing music and tropical showers is an experience in itself. A new attraction in the outdoor area is the  Kalahari Africa Sauna: the walls are decorated with original African masks, African music plays in the background and “Herbs of Africa” and essential oils evaporate over the central stove. With a constant temperature of 65° this sauna is particularly suitable for guests with little experience of saunas. Here you can stay for longer, enjoy the pleasant warmth and really relax because there is no dousing of the stones and not a hint of hyperactivity. In fact, it’s a paradise of peace and quiet that offers splendid views of the whole outdoor areas through four large windows.
In the 3,000 m² outdoor area there is also an Suomi Earth Sauna with a fireplace. To cool down after your sauna, there’s always the water grotto or the wonderfully refreshing outdoor pool. Lots of delicious fitness drinks and snacks are available from the Oriental-style sauna bar.

Sauna aficionados particularly look forward to the first Friday of the month when from 9.30 pm the whole of the WaterPark and SaunaWorld is turned into a sauna-swimming experience with romantic background music. Extensive spells in the various saunas and the entertaining atmosphere ensure that everybody has a great time. The sauna bar makes sure that nobody needs to die of thirst and the Beach Bistro is open for snacks and salads. On these Open-End Sauna Evenings nobody has to go home before 1.30 in the morning - and nobody wants to anyway because there’s loads of fun to be had!

Another highlight is the new SoleRelax Pool. You can float around in 33° salt water while simply staring at the sky. The 6% brine from the renowned Sülbecker Natursole is of particularly high quality and specially enriched with valuable minerals and trace elements – an absolutely pure natural product. Let the positive qualities of natural brine do your body good and help you to relax completely as you float on the water. The SoleRelax Pool is romantically lit up in the evenings and underwater music adds to your experience of utter relaxation. Wellness is the key feature here: the salt water brings relief for your joints and spine, improves your circulation and increases the supply of oxygen. Spending time in the SoleRelax Pool can help prevent colds and other ills so typical of cold winter months. The salt water is also good for your skin: valuable minerals and trace elements strengthen and gently purify the skin - and it’s simply a great feeling as well! Every day from 8 pm the SoleRelax Pool is also open for nude bathers – relaxation pure!

In addition, the HolstenTherme’s professionally trained staff offer a modern and varied AquaFitness programme. Every day (except Sunday) you can join in the aqua gymnastics free. The various muscle-building, mobility and stretching exercises are an ideal way to get fit. In addition, special courses in shallow or deep water are offered to provide intensive training for the whole body. The programme also includes an aqua gymnastics course where expectant mothers can relax and prepare for the birth of their child.

Children can naturally learn to swim at HolstenTherme. The baby swimming courses are intended for children from 3 months to 3 years. Natural mobility exercises can playfully encourage a baby or toddler to feel at home in the water. The principle of getting children used to being in the water – an ideal way of improving their overall motor skills – is also reflected in the programme for 3- to 5-year-olds. Intensive beginners’ courses help 5- to 12-year-olds learn to swim confidently in a 1.35-metre pool.

If you manage to get out of bed in time, you can also beat tiredness with HolstenTherme’s Early Bird Swimming programme. From September to May the “early birds” meet in the sports pool from 6 to 9 am. In June, July and August they are outside in the open-air pool from 6 to 8 am. A specially priced CombiCard adds to the attractiveness of Early Bird Swimming – and it’s a great way of waking up and getting yourself fit for the rest of the day.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and beat its stress – that’s the motto of Water Sounds, a special experience visitors can go for in the romantically lit pool from 8 pm on every third Friday of the month. Around 10 minutes of aqua gymnastics are followed by the relaxing part when everybody is fitted out with specially buoyancy bags so they can float around in the water as if it were the Dead Sea. Water Sounds is a well-chosen name – you can hear the mostly meditative music under water as well. The whole son et lumière experience opens up a new dimension of relaxation – with no extra charge involved.

The WellnessStudio is where you can experience “balance and harmony” for body, mind and soul. Enjoy the perfect service, relaxing atmosphere and expert advice in an emotional ambience and treat yourself to a relaxing massage. Besides traditional forms of massage the Wellness Days are a particularly relaxing highlight of the Studio’s programme. One of the most attractive forms of massage is the so-called Energy Stone Massage. First warm oil is rubbed into your body and then warm, energy-rich and perfectly smooth lava stones harmoniously slide over your nicely warmed body. Before long, you’re enjoying absolute mental and physical relaxation with your soul and psyche in perfect balance. The interior design of the WellnessStudio is of the highest quality and enhances your experience of utter relaxation. What’s more, the time you spend in the WellnessStudio is refunded  so it doesn’t add a second to the time you spend in the rest of the complex.

Professional-style fitness training and body building are another part of the HolstenTherme programme. The outstanding FitnessStudio facilities focus on comfort and health, offering extremely good value for money. The Cardio facilities include cross trainers and treadmills while the Body Building facilities offer equipment for training the upper-body, stomach, back and leg muscles. All the equipment comes from TechnoGym, a leading manufacturer in this field. The rooms were designed not just on functional lines but also to Feng Shui principles. All the equipment has been set up in a circle, for example, to encourage communication between FitnessStudio guests. They are looked after by professional fitness trainers under the careful eye of sport scientist Dr. Nicole Konnowski. What’s more, guests are accompanied by their own virtual personal trainer, an extremely convenient training system developed by TechnoGym. This virtually rules out the possibility of anybody doing things wrong. The programme also includes a wide variety of courses for building up stamina and muscle power, including a specially developed back-training course – a most effective way of dealing with back pain. The courses are held in an aerobic room equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment. FitnessStudio guests can also take advantage of the entertaining AquaFitness programme. The best way of complementing a well-balanced fitness programme is a healthy and balanced diet. So the FitnessStudio also has a dietician who runs special courses where participants can learn how to reach and keep to their ideal weight. The FitnessStudio is open to Club members from 8 am on weekdays and from 10 am at weekends and on public holidays until 9.45 pm on weekdays and 8 pm at weekends and on public holidays.

In warm summer weather HolstenTherme has even more to offer because guests have free use of the neighbouring Open-Air Swimming Pool during opening hours. The warm-weather highlights include another water chute, a diving tower and a beach volleyball pitch.

The WaterPark and SaunaWorld are open daily from 10 till 10 from Sunday to Thursday and till 10.30 pm on Friday and Saturday. Tickets are moderately priced. For more details ring +49 (0)4191 91220.

HolstenTherme is easy to get to by car via the A7 motorway (exit Kaltenkirchen) or public transport. A local train service (A1) runs from Hamburg and stops opposite HolstenTherme. A motor home site right next to HolstenTherme makes the WaterPark and SaunaWorld particularly attractive for holidaymakers. The site is less than 1 km from the motorway exit (Kaltenkirchen) and offers space for up to 25 motor homes. Motor home owners who visit HolstenTherme are reimbursed for the sanitary station fee charged at the motor home site.

If you’re looking for 4-star accommodation right next to HolstenTherme, Dreiklang Country Hotel is the place to be – and it even has a covered walkway where guests can get from the hotel to the WaterPark or SaunaWorld in their dressing gown! The Hotel also has two first-class restaurants (Lorbeer and Speisekammer) and seminar facilities (Lichtblick) for large-scale meetings or conferences. For more details check out the Hotel’s website (www.landhotel-dreiklang.de) or ring +49 (0)4191 9210.

By the way, HolstenTherme is a member of the European Waterpark Association (EWA), which unites Europe’s top-quality waterparks and demands the highest standards of service from its members, and of the German Sauna Association, which also has very high quality standards.