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The innovative MultiPaddle trains joints and muscles particularly gently. A workout for more coordination and balance and a plus in strength, endurance and mobility. ( flat-water course in the Adventure Pool)



Martial arts with a fresh effect: kickboxing elements provide a varied workout, while innovative aids vary the intensity. A gentle training for all age groups! (a shallow water course in the adventure bath)


Belly, legs, buttocks are specifically addressed and tightened, "PowerStick easy" and aqua dumbbell are used to support. Hello fitness! (shallow water course in the Adventure Pool)


An optimal strength endurance training with AquaJet assistance: The buoyancy of this training device brings more stability. (shallow water course in the Adventure Pool)


A pool party with a workout effect: hot Zumba rhythms plus classic aqua gymnastics - an intensive workout for endurance, figure and lots of fun! (shallow water course in the Adventure Pool)


Concentration: During the extensive training the basic movements of aquafitness are combined with different devices - here flexibility is required! (deep water course in the sports pool)

Overview of details

  • For young people and adults
  • For dates see course schedule
  • Length 45 minutes
  • Swimwear is required

No registration required. Buy a 10 ticket, choose a course, register with the team and join in! Questions can be answered personally by the fitness team of the swimming supervisor or by phone: +49 4191/9122-15.

Course schedule (DE)


Rates AquaFitness

Trail lesson plus pool-ticket

€ 6.10

Course of 10 plus pool ticket

€ 36,30

Course of 10 including pool ticket for 2 hrs.

€ 126,50

Included pool tickets are required for the course.

The AquaFitness courses are included for ClubCard FitnessStudio and ClubCard AquaFitness holders.

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Swimming in the adventure pool and as many AquaFitness courses as you like: The ClubCard AquaFitness is already worthwhile from one visit per week!

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