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 on land and water you relax at 32°C. All saunas are in operation.


During the vacations and on weekends, an increased number of visitors is currently to be expected.

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That stairclimbing, carrying groceries, etc. do not become a burden: Age-related wear is counteracted and existing complaints are eased. A moderate muscle training for a healthy everyday life - for young seniors 50+ (deep water course in the sports pool).


Speed it up: During intensive running training in deep water, the arm and leg muscles in particular are strained with fast movements. The cardio-vascular system really gets going! (deep water course in the sports pool)

Overview of details

  • For young people and adults
  • For dates see course schedule
  • Length 45 minutes
  • Swimwear is required

No registration required. Buy a 10 ticket, choose a course, register with the team and join in! Questions can be answered personally by the fitness team of the swimming supervisor or by phone: +49 4191/9122-15.

Course schedule (DE)