Beginner Swimming Course 5-12 Years

Finally you can swim - the little ones feel great. After getting used to the water, you will learn breast swimming, diving and jumping in small steps. The reward: a certificate and from now on even more fun in the water!


What has to be considered before the course starts?

  • Only healthy children are welcome in the swimming course. If in doubt, please check with your child's doctor.
  • Please bring swimwear, large towel, bath shoes and bathrobe.
  • Please leave valuables at home.
  • On the first day there will be a welcome and briefing. During the course times, the guardian can accompany the child to the warm-water outdoor pool - but only as a viewer outside the water. Please bring suitable clothing.
  • Please inform the reception HolstenTherme about cancellations before the course starts.

Overview of details

  • For children from 5 to 12 years with a passive companion
  • Three-week courses throughout the year over 15 working days; the course “water conditioning” lasts 10 working days
  • Time 60 minutes per unit
  • Minimum 6, maximum 8 children per course
  • An offer of the HolstenTherme
  • For information and appointments call 04191/9122-19; registration and payment at reception HolstenTherme

Rates Beginner Swimming Course

course 15 times incl. pool tickets for 2 hrs

€ 148.50

Payable on registration.

The price includes the admission of an adult accompanying person for the personal care of the child.

Entrance tickets are required for the course.

Please note: The swimming course takes place in the booked period. In justified exceptional cases, missed hours can be made up for in one of the next courses after arrangement and availability of space.