Swimming Badge

Swimming is fun - when children and adults can do it safely. For the swimming badges certain achievements are provided and then quite officially all know, what the swimmer can. Our swimming supervisor takes the exams during opening hours - just ask and get in the water!


“Sea Horse” Swimming Badge

Jump from the edge of the pool and 25 meters (1 lane) swimming

Bringing up an object with the hands from shoulder-deep water

German Youth Swimming Badge – “Bronze”

Jump from the edge of the pool and at least 200 meters (8 lanes) swimming in a maximum of 15 minutes

Once approx. 2 meters deep diving from the water surface with fetching up an object

Jump from 1 meter height

Knowledge of bathing rules

German Junior Swimming Badge – “Silver”

Start jump and at least 400 meters swimming in 25 minutes at the most, 300 meters (12 lanes) face down position and 100 meters (4 lanes) in the back position.

Two deep dives of about 2 m from the water surface with bringing up an object

10 m distance diving

Jump from 3 m height (or 3 alternative jumps)

Knowledge of bathing rules and self-rescue

Cost of swimming badge

Exam fee, production of the identity card, fabric badge - per swimming badge

€ 9.50

Participants of a swimming course in the HolstenTherme pay only

€ 5.00