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La Mamounia Cérémonie

Oriental luxury spa

Perfect peace, wonderful aromas, and a magical lighting atmosphere - a luxurious beauty experience for unforgettable moments of relaxation.


Exclusive at La Mamounia

  1. oriental steam bath
  2. exquisite peelings and treatments at any time
  3. luxurious designed shower area
  4. private rest zones with relax areas
  5. roofed outside terrace

Bathing culture and dreaming become a luxury experience

The sauna is a special stop on a trip around the world with a generous steam bath and aromatic peelings: at La Mamounia fairytale dreams and exclusive bathing culture unite to create a special beauty experience. There are four stations for feeling like a new person: In the dreamlike ambience of La Mamounia, visitors enjoy a feel-good ritual that provides both care and relaxation. After a visit to the oriental steam bath, premium hand-made peeling recipes await their treatment. The refreshment in the adventure showers and the visit of a face mask ceremony complete the pampering feeling!

We recommend: Book the luxurious tariff and enjoy the exclusive face masks.


Choose your favourite masks

We will be happy to advise you which one best suits the needs of your skin!

• Lavender - calming, antibacterial

• Healing clay - analgesic, toxin-binding, against skin impurities

• Cocoa - revitalizing, moisturizing

• Jasmine - relaxing, mood-enhancing

• Alumina - antiseptic, toxin-binding

• Oat flakes - circulation-enhancing, silicon supplier

• Coconut - anti-inflammatory, antiviral, reduces wrinkles

• Poppy seed - firming, potassium-magnesium supplier

• Almonds - moisturising, cleansing, refreshing

• Sage - antibacterial, effective against skin diseases


Face masks - Cérémonie daily at 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm for € 4,70 per application; included in the luxury rate.