Swimming will be floating: Immerse and be carried by 33° warm water. Valuable minerals have a positive effect on the body, the feeling of weightlessness also eases the thoughts.
High-quality Sülbeck Natural Brine extracted from a depth of 400 meters at the foot of the Harz Mountains is used in the Sole Relax Pool. Thermal bathing in salt water with valuable minerals has many positive effects.


A calming and emotional experience, floating in thermal saline

•  Relax body and soul with weightless floating
•  Pleasant well-being at temperatures of 33°C
•  Stress reduction and deep relief through visual and acoustic stimuli
•  Relaxed breathing in high-quality salty air
•  Muscle relaxation through intensive breathing (general fitness)
•  Healthy, beautiful skin through the cosmetic effect of salt

A healthy therapy, floating in thermal saline

• Sülbecker Thermalsole is used in health resorts and medical applications, as some forms of illness can be positively influenced.
• Relieves musculoskeletal pain
• Prevention of wear and tear in the joints
• Anti-inflammatory effect in joint diseases
• Musculature relief through buoyancy
• Relieves rheumatic diseases and detoxification
• Activation of self-healing powers
• skin care (balanced pH value)
• Preventive and healing effect for skin problems
• Relieves respiratory diseases by inhaling brine
• Please note that we do not offer therapeutic and medical treatments.

What you should note when staying at Sole Relaxing Pool:

• The treatments in the Sole Relaxing Pool are to be carried out as self-therapy. Personal care by therapists is not required.
• The maximum length of stay for a brine experience should be 20 minutes at a time otherwise the positive effects of relaxation and vitalisation will cancel each other out.
• Following your stay in the Sole Relaxing Pool you should take a shower and then take a relaxation phase that can be understood as holistic relaxation for body, mind and soul.
• Be careful when sunbathing after using the Sole Relaxing Pool: The minerals on your skin multiply the effect of UV rays.
• In case of cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, high blood pressure and major skin injuries, the dermatologist should be consulted.


Rate Sole Relaxing Pool

each 20 minutes

€ 2.50

Stays are billed using the Smart Key. Children under 5 years of age are not allowed in the Sole Relaxing Pool; young people under 17 years of age are admitted accompanied by a parent or guardian.


How the Sülbecker Natural Brine comes to the HolstenTherme:

Salt layers covered by sediments were deposited about 250 million years ago by the retreat and evaporation of the primeval sea. This is how the salt deposit at the foot of the Harz Mountains was created from which the soothing brine is extracted today. Pure deep water flows through the salt dome at a depth of about 400 meters, the salt dissolves. Once drilled, the natural horizontal flow direction of the water changes and the brine rises to 33 meters below the surface. Using state-of-the-art submersible pumps, the thermal brine is gently lifted into storage tanks and finally delivered to HolstenTherme in northern Germany by stainless steel tanker trucks.