Adventure Pool - Club Rates Monthly

Minimum term 12 months

You use the ClubCard for at least one year and have your membership fee debited easily and comfortably on a monthly basis.


Choose your version of rate.


AdventurePool Teenagers¹

AdventurePool Adults


2 hours²

€ 19,30

€ 38,20

not  available

4 hours²

not  available

not  available

€ 80,00³

1 day²

€ 32,00

€ 63,60

not  available

¹ 5-16 years of age

² Prices comply with 3.5 single entrance fees

³ For admission to the Sauna World on Saturday/Sunday/public holiday from October 1st till March 31st (high season) the valid Sauna World high season surcharge will be charged (currently € 2.50). This surcharge only applies after the first 60 minutes.


  • The ClubCard has a minimum term of 12 month.
  • The price includes one admission per day to HolstenTherme and its facilities.
  • All prices are monthly final prices and include the legal value added tax.
  • A time surcharge is to be paid in each case if the agreed period of use is exceeded.
  • No special discounts for seniors.
  • Guests with a valid disability card receive a 40% discount on various rates if certain conditions are fulfilled (from 50% with entry G and/or H. from 70% without further entry). This discount does not apply to the Sauna World high season surcharge.
  • The remaining term of a Fit Pass will be settled.