AquaGym For Pregnant Women

Glide almost weightlessly through the water, feel light and flexible... For pregnant women it is particularly pleasant to be in the water. Exercising in the AquaGym course relieves symptoms and has a positive effect on the course of pregnancy and birth. Fill up your strength and self-confidence for the big event!


Advantages of pregnancy gymnastics before birth

  • Proven training effect and improved condition with regular gymnastics (once a week) as helpful preparation for the birth and to get fit again faster after childbirth
  • Use of the special balance of powers in the water: particularly gentle exercises for joints, spine and intervertebral discs
  • Movements in warm water loosen cramps, muscles are loosened or stretched, blood circulation is improved
  • Strengthening of the supporting and holding muscles in the back, prevention of incorrect postures and resulting postural damage
  • Stimulation of circulation, metabolism and blood circulation
  • Prevention of varicose veins, thrombosis and phlebitis, immediate reduction of water retention
  • Training of the breathing muscles and preparation for intensive breathing during birth

Overview of details

  • For expectant mothers (from the 16th week of pregnancy)
  • incl. floating in the SoleRelaxpool
  • Swimwear is required
  • Information, registration and accounting with Mrs. Sandra Hauberg, Tel. 0177/1855393
  • Organizer: Sandra Hauberg

Rates AquaGym für Schwangere

Rates AquaGym for pregnant women

Course of 5 times of the Swimming School Hauberg incl. assisted floating in SoleRelax Pool, plus pool tickets

€ 37,30

Credit value card for pool tickets

€ 33,90

of which debit per visit

€ 7,46

If not all course dates are attended, the remaining credit on the Prepaid Card can also be used for other HolstenTherme offers at the regular rates.

For ClubCard holders, entrance is included within the chosen club rate (without use of the SoleRelaxpool).

Rate ClubCard AquaFitness

Swimming in the adventure pool and as many AquaFitness courses as you like: The ClubCard AquaFitness is already worthwhile from one visit per week!

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General Terms and Conditions of Business

Swimming School Sandra Hauberg


1. registration

Registration for the courses is binding both in written and verbal form. By registering, the participant confirms that

  • the child is in a healthy condition which allows participation in the respective course. If there are any physical limitations, please inform us of these before the course begins.
  • the expectant mother is in a healthy condition to participate in the course. (Course: Aqua-Gym for pregnant women) 

2. terms of payment

Payment of the course fee must be made to the specified account at least 14 days before the course begins. Should the course fee not be paid on time, the Schwimmschule Sandra Hauberg reserves the right to allocate the place to someone else.

3. missed course hours

The Schwimmschule Sandra Hauberg will not refund any fees for missed lessons. Missed lessons can be made up for in individual cases, subject to availability and agreement with the course leader. The make-up lessons take place within the course duration in parallel courses.

The course card of the swimming school is non-transferable. In addition, the terms of use of HolstenTherme GmbH apply.

Swimming School Hauberg
Sandra Hauberg
24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg
contact: schwimmschulehauberg@gmx.de 

Status: 05.10.2023