The HolstenTherme is partially accessible for the disabled. Due to the architecture, not all areas are barrier-free. Please speak to our colleagues during check-in. We are happy to help you.­


Overview of equipment*


  • 3 shower wheelchairs

  • 1 wheelchair stair lift

  • 1 water wheelchair

  • 1 disabled changing room

  • 1 disabled WC in the ErlebnisBad

  • 1 disabled shower in the ErlebnisBad

  • 5 disabled parking spaces


*subject to availability


Accessibility Arrival


The HolstenTherme can be reached by car (disabled parking in front of the main entrance, disabled access to the entrance area) or by public transport (AKN) to the "HolstenTherme" stop, also disabled accessible (2 minutes walk).

The entrance area of the Therme is accessible at ground level. The automatic entrance doors are passable with wheelchairs.


Accompanying persons are primarily responsible for providing assistance (with entry B: admission free of charge).


If several wheelchair users arrive at the same time, there may be obstructions and restrictions due to the available capacity.


Accessibility AdventurePool


There is a wheelchair-accessible changing cubicle, as well as a barrier-free shower with shower seat and toilet (there may be waiting times). The AdventurePool, the SoleRelaxpool and the Sportspool are accessible via stairs into the water. A complete bypass of the pool is not possible. The whirlpools can be reached via ladders. The outdoor holiday pool is accessible via stairs.

A water wheelchair is available for easier entry into the water in all pools. Please speak to our staff.


In summer, the PalmenGarten can be used barrier-free.


The passage to the warm water outdoor pool is not barrier-free.




Accessibility SaunaWorld


The SaunaWorld is accessible through a wide door or two turnstiles. The interior of the SaunaWelt is mainly at ground level. A wheelchair accessible toilet is available at the new Mexico Sauna.

The oriental sun room and the eatery Mahira are accessible via a step. 

La Mamounia is only accessible by stairs.

The showers in Casa da Ducha have a shower seat and a grab bar. They are at ground level and accessible with a shower wheelchair.

2 of 6 saunas are not wheelchair accessible due to stairs; all other saunas are wheelchair accessible to a limited extent.

The outdoor areas of SaunaWelt are conditionally wheelchair accessible.


Accessibility gastronomy


Bistro Havana in the AdventurePool is accessible by wheelchair via a wheelchair stair lift, eatery Mahira in the SaunaWorld is accessible via a step.


Accessibility SoleRelaxpool


The SoleRelaxpool is accessible on the 2nd level with a wheelchair stair lift.