Some rules for a respectful interaction with each other. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our staff.

Important notes

Our SaunaWorld is a textile-free zone. Sweating without textiles is a tradition and supports healthy sauna use. When taking a sauna, spread out your towel so that your sweating body does not touch the wood or the floor. Please leave bathing shoes outside the sauna door.


A bathrobe must be worn in the indoor areas of the SaunaWorld. This applies in the relaxation areas, the quiet rooms, at the sauna bar and in the "Mahira". Please also bring two large towels for hygienic sauna use.


The SaunaWorld is a mobile phone-free zone. Switching off is best done without a camera, without a mobile phone. This way, all guests can relax and enjoy their day's holiday with us. Leave your silenced mobile device in the cloakroom locker or in the safe deposit box and enjoy a relaxing time out! 


Bags, suitcases and swimwear are well stored in the cloakroom, the changing area or the bag depot. 


Your key watch is as valuable as cash, so always carry it on your body. If you lose it, please let reception know immediately.


Food and drinks are available in Mahira and at the sauna bar. Therefore, please do not bring your own food.


Peace and relaxation are the goals, please support this with your behaviour. We ask for silence especially in the relaxation rooms and in the saunas. 


Loungers for all: if you leave your place, you leave it free for other SaunaWorld travellers. Please do not reserve any loungers or seats.


Please shower before and after taking a sauna! Body care such as shaving, manicures and pedicures are not permitted.


SaunaWelt is a smoke-free zone. Smokers are of course welcome to use the smoking area (on the patio).

Golden rules

Enjoy yourself: You do not run a specific program in the sauna. The sauna-goer should feel comfortable and avoid stress.

Take your time. It takes at least two hours to make sauna bathing a real pleasure. If you don‘t want to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in a sauna alone, you will quickly find a new friends there. Sauna bathing is a very special experience.

Shower first: Before the visit of the sauna you always take a shower. Dry yourself thoroughly afterwards! Dry skin sweats faster in the sauna room. A warm footbath before the sauna promotes sweating.

Sweating by feeling: In the sauna you place your towel under the whole body because no sweat should drip on the sauna benches. 8 to 15 minutes in the sauna heat is comple-tely sufficient. But more important than the time is the body feeling. The most relaxing part is lying down. You should sit up for the last two minutes to get the circulation back into an upright position.

Cooling down systematically: To cool down go out into the fresh air first. The body enjoys the extra portion of oxygen and the bre-athing passages are also cooled. Afterwards showers and water hoses refresh. If you prefer the plunge pool please shower first.

Comfortable feeling of warmth: After cooling down a warm footbath creates a comforting feeling of warmth and brings the body to a complete temperature balance. Further cold water applications train the blood vessels in the skin and increase the body‘s resistance.

Relaxing is part of it: A sauna session is not physically demanding but a break is very relaxing. Snuggle up in a bathrobe, read or relax outdoors in good weather.

Three sauna sessions are sufficient: Three sauna sessions are optimal for your health. Further sauna sessions no longer increase the effects of the sauna.

Massage: In the sauna body and soul can relax perfectly. A massage between sauna sessions or after the sauna can intensify the relaxing effect.


A massage is the perfect complement to a little holiday at the HolstenTherme.


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Never a dull moment at the HolstenTherme!


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