Breathe freely and take a break! After all, relaxation and refreshment on the numerous indoor relaxing areas are part of the wellness experience.

Relaxing areas indoor


Oriental Market Place


An atmosphere of a Thousand and One Nights: Exquisitely lamps, endless mosaic tiles, filigree decorated doors behind which the hidden corners of the sauna world can be found.




Under the baldachin of the Moroccan king's tent, on handmade carpets and between fine cushions every guest feels majestic - even in a bathrobe...


Sun Room


The warmth is caught in here, rays of sunlight magic the room with dreamlike light effects. Between brocade cushions and on benches just pause for a moment…


Casa da Calma 


The house of silence with large beds covered with soft cushions and blankets creates a sea of relaxation …






Sink into soft armchairs and exciting stories, enjoy the peace and quiet in the glow of the fireplace ... A comfortably warm retreat with fine details - a little home on the journey through the SaunaWorld!


Sukun Waterbed room


The magic word is "sukun", meaning "to float": fabulous relaxation on wonderfully tempered waterbeds. Thus, in the colorful light of the oriental lamps, new dreams from the Thousand and One Nights arise ...


Nuri Nuri  


The flair and atmosphere of Marakkesh markets enchants this room. Inspired by the Arabic word "light", our octagon with its pleasantly warm lighting invites you to relax, breathe deeply and dream ....

Relaxing areas outdoor

A walk through Japan, a coffee at pool or a break on a roof top in Mexico.


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Thermal bathing in salt water with valuable minerals has many positive effects.


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Sauna infusion schedule

Soft warmth or blazing heat – thrilling variations of sauna scents set exiting highlights on a sauna world trip!


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