A walk through Japan, a coffee at pool or a break on a roof top in Mexico. Enjoy your day in our numearous relaxing areas outdoor.

Relaxing areas outdoor


Off to Mexico

A colorful atmosphere, a sheltered courtyard and a sun-drenched rooftop terrace for another unforgettable stop on your SaunaWorld trip.


El aromático 


 small herbal oasis to linger and stroll. Fragrant herbs and flowers grow here, from which our sauna masters prepare aromatic infusions.


Japan Garden


Perfect harmony: Feng Shui focuses on the essential elements. Gently murmuring or quiet as a mirror, water dominates this Asian heaven of peace in many forms.




Sheltered from wind and weather you can breathe deeply between laurel and olive trees and plan the next destination of the sauna world tour.


Sauna Garden with Sauna Pool


The sky above us: In the open air under palm trees the pool invites you to relax with its welcoming deckchairs and quiet corners.

Temperature of water 20°C from April 1st to September 30st; 28°C from October 1st to March 31st.

Relaxing areas indoor

In the relaxing areas indoor there a numerous quiet islands – each one a dream destination.


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Thermal bathing in salt water with valuable minerals has many positive effects.


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Time out, switch off - a massage is the perfect complement to a short holiday in the HolstenTherme. .


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