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The professional analysis of diving gas subsidized improvement of performance, body weight and nutition. Energy metabolism is measured in a performance test depending on personal goals at rest and under stress. The result is an individual training recommendation that leads quickly and efficiently to the goal.


Nutrition Coaching


The personal nutrition habits are analysed and aimed to the individual training goal. A great support for long-term weight loss and better quality of life!


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Myofacial Taping


Release tensions, reduce pain, encourage mobility – different receptors in the body are specifically addresses and incorrect postures are compensated with spacially designed tapes.




Baher and Sven are exactly the right trainers when it comes to personal training. The individual one-to-one training is motivating, flexible and a faster success is realised. The training is available for club and non-club members. 

Sven's expertise  

  • Performance oriented for e.g. sport specific training  
  • Endurance-oriented for e.g. marathon preparation, triathlon or cycling races 
  • Weight loss training, body shaping/forming 
  • Rehabilitation  

Bahers Expertise 

  • Professional, goal-oriented and versatile training.  
  • Targeted pain reduction and health improvement through a holistic approach. 
  • More flexibility. 
  • Solution-oriented and individual training approaches. 
  • Increased performance and quality of life. 
  • Baher is also a trained nutrition and mental coach.



Our professional trainers at a glance. 


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