Train in a great atmosphere, with professional trainers, state-of-the-art equipment and cloud-based training software.

Range of Applications


Endurance Training 


Cardiological training is an all-round talent, the most important module for a comprehensive stimulation of the circulatory system, a gentle path to reduction in weight and the perfect warm up for strength training! Every cardiological equipment can be adjusted individually.






Our weight machines are designed to isolate certain muscle groups while giving you a joint-friendly, safe and effective training. The training will be completed by the intelligent key system that saves your settings and monitors your movements.


Functional Training


Learn how to move the right way: Mobility and stability will be likewise promoted with exercises with one´s body and small machines. Asymmetry will be balanced – your body will be strained entirety.


Fascia Training


The fascia tissue is enclosed by muscles, nerves and organs like a net. Relaxation of fascia by own massage loosens agglutinations between muscles and fascias. Posture and flexibility is enhanced by this training.





To ensure that all members train in a healthy manner, our club offers high-quality water bottles at the start and the contract includes a drinks flat rate. The self-service bar offers a choice of water and flavorings.


Music and good vibes: the best combination to really let off steam!


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What can we offer that others cannot. 


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Club FitnessStudio

Being a member pays off from just one visit per week!


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