Around the world in 7 saunas: from the oriental marketplace, a fascinating sauna landscape takes you around the world in a very relaxed way.

7 Saunas
45°C to 100°C
22 sauna infusion



Africa: Kalahari-Sauna - approx. 65°


Red sunlight, wide open spaces: The wilderness and freedom of the African savannah are within reach. Accompanied by soft sounds aromatic herbs vaporize while the view wanders into distance…


Japan: Shitau Meditations-Sauna - approx. 75°


The path through the moon gate leads to Asia: A healing atmosphere of silence welcomes the visitor and gives inner attentiveness. Harmonic shapes and quiet splatter of water in the Japanese garden lenghtens the Asian time-out ...


Himalaya: Salt Mine Sauna - approx. 85°


Deep down in the mountains charms the silence: Only a few steps down and the salt crystals of the Himalayas unfold their pleasant effect on the respiratory tracts. Warm, soft light covers and comforts.


South Seas: Pengalaman Sauna - approx. 75°


Chill out in heaven: Exotic aromas, colorful oasis of well-being and fresh fruits charm the guests in the flair of the South Seas of the Pengalaman Sauna.


Mexico: Espíritu Adventure Sauna - approx. 95°


Ancient high culture, dazzling joie de vivre: SaunaWorld explorers discover untouched terrain. On a sun-drenched patio and with surprising experience infusions Mexican hospitality comes alive - mi casa, su casa!


Finnland: Suomi Ground Sauna - approx. 100°


New energy arises a glimmer: The hottest place of the sauna world tour captures the power of fire. Original like the Finish forests, idyllic like an evening by the blazing fireplace ...


La Mamounia - Oriental luxury spa

Perfect peace, wonderful aromas, and a magical lighting atmosphere - a luxurious beauty experience for unforgettable moments of relaxation.


There are four stations for feeling like a new person: In the dreamlike ambience of La Mamounia, visitors enjoy a feel-good ritual that provides both care and relaxation. After a visit to the oriental steam bath, premium hand-made peeling recipes await their treatment. The refreshment in the adventure showers and the visit of a face mask ceremony complete the pampering feeling!


Face masks - Cérémonie daily at 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm for € 4,70 per application; included in the luxury rate.

Sauna infusion schedule

Soft warmth or blazing heat – thrilling variations of sauna scents set exiting highlights on a sauna world trip!


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Thermal bathing in salt water with valuable minerals has many positive effects.


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