" My day off " - we make it possible!

Our team promise


What a gift: people visit the HolstenTherme to spend their often scarce free time here. Family time. Time for friends. Time for themselves. And we do everything we can to turn a few hours' stay into little holidays and unforgettable experiences - over and over again. We are the tour guides with whom our guests are well on their way. We know this "holiday place" down to the smallest corner and want to make it a little more beautiful every day. We achieve this together - all for one, all for our guests!


We make our guests happy!
  • We listen attentively and are always on the trail of our visitors' needs.
  • We approach guests actively and cheerfully.
  • We serve all guests warmly and courteously.
  • We react quickly and in a friendly manner - even in unexpected or difficult situations.
  • We maintain a professional distance.
  • We always take complaints seriously and use them to improve.


We always have our goals in sight!
  • Continuous improvement down to the smallest detail - we work on this in all departments.
  • Cost-conscious use of all resources - this leaves room for the implementation of innovative ideas.
  • Linking the worlds of wellness, health, fitness and family fun - so that our visitors can feel good all round.
We stand together!
  • We are a team! We help each other, listen to each other. That is our basis for happy and successful work.
  • We are open to new ideas! Those who dare to implement creative ideas are also allowed to make mistakes.
  • We speak clearly! And we talk to each other, not about each other, so that everyone can work in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.


The HolstenTherme is a member of several quality associations and has already received several awards. We want to meet this high standard in our daily work again and again, and we want to maintain this high level together. In this way, we strengthen HolstenTherme as a location and workplace and are always a little bit ahead of the competition. And last but not least, this is how we earn a firm place in the minds and hearts of our visitors.



We are team HolstenTherme.